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Websites are not what they used to be. Let’s talk about how your website can become a powerful tool for your business.

What makes a website? Like a really good website…

Every business has different needs from their website. Some keep track of their customer relations with management tools. Some run stores, or online communities. While others use their site to organize events and track ticket sales.

No one can tell you a solid “This makes your site a the best”. So to answer the question of “what makes a good site?” we need to punch through to what your website is going to do for your and your business. So let’s Start by answering a few questions

What would I like my website to do?

That’s not always an easy question to answer. Especially if you don’t know all the features out there. The easiest way to start the ball rolling is to think about your industry, and the tools you use.

A website is an easy resource to compile a the digital tools it takes to run your business. Thanks to the cloud most apps can be tied to your site in one way or another. You can use it to book appointments, keep up on posting to your social networks, push products to google and more.

Common uses include

Landing Pages are all the rage these days. These are single pages with a targeted focus. They do what the name suggest. When any one comes to your site from a specific site, you can choose where they land.

This helps the person to find specific information, and you to guide them into buying that shiny new product or signing up for your blog. Of course that’s not what you limited to, but it gives you an idea.

Booking Appointments & automatically posting the appointment on to your calendar (google calendar, apple cal, etc.) is a great feature to have when you need to schedule your day. Plus it allows you and your customer to book appointments anywhere, any time. Did you know you can even collect down payments before booking?

Portfolio Pages are the number one way to showcase your previous work, and help you gain more work in the future,

Forms & Information Collection are key to keeping in touch with your supported and customer base. It’s how you build the relationships that keep people coming back for more.

How do I want my website to look?

Another tough to answer question, especially for those without a developed brand. The best way to start developing a brand or look for your company and/or your site is by starting a mood board.

As the name suggests a mood board is a place you gather ideas, inspirations, and potential resources. and one of the best tools out there is Pinterest. You can use it to collect fonts, colors, other sites and more.

More importantly you can share your mood board with your designer, so you can collaborate on ideas and creating a look and feel for your site!

PRO TIP: Save webpages that have features you like to so you don’t have to remember them for later.

So to wrap things up…

Every page on your site has the potential to be great and do wonderful things. You just have to remember that a website is a living breathing entity on a digital landscape. It’s all up to you to help shape it so it can live it’s best life, in turn helping you to live yours.

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