Cat's Imaging & Design

Yes, Cat’s Imaging & Design started out and remains a freelance design firm, located in Colorado Springs for the past 17 years. So when you’re talking to Cat’s your talking with Bill

Freelancing is the best but like any entrepreneurial endeavor, it’s feast or famine. My drive and calling in life is design, freelancing allows me to do it. It also allows my clients to choose to be a part of the journey.

Communication and Speed

It’s not only being able to communicate, it’s remaining consistent and constant.

Speed is essential. There are so many times when it’s beyond my client’s control when they find out they need a graphic resource. So it’s my personal goal to be as fast and accurate as possible.

Primarily web design for word press and brand management.

However, I am versatile enough that I handle ALL types of design.

Websites vary depending on what is needed. Usually, I can have a working single page up in less than a week.

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