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Your logo is based on iconography. It’s a simple image that ties your company/brand to you in a unique and highly identifiable way. That’s why all logos from Cat’s are vector-based. This gives a consistent super clear image that allows your clientele to easily recognize your business

Illustration & Animation

Lottie, Lottie, Lottie. It seems to be all the rage across the internet. Basically, it’s an illustration that’s been animated for web use. Make your website more exciting with interactive elements on your website.

Scary little spider

layout is everything

layout is a blending of content. it’s a balance of design elements, pictures & copy


We offer photography for any occasion. Offering high definition stock photographs for signage and social, you can rest easy knowing that every part of your material is 100% original and tailored to your brand.

Before After

Photo Reconstruction

Memories are so important to us. Unfortunately, the pictures we take don’t always last. From photo recreation, retouching and manipulation. We do our best to keep your memories present today and always


Helps you absorb information quickly

because the attention span of the average adult is 3 sec. or less

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