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We find the cat in its element, building e-commerce solutions in Shopify and WooCommerce, creating new stores, and migrating the old.

A picture is worth one thousand words. That’s why I used The Cat for professional photos of the merch on my website, my kid’s senior pictures and video for my cosplay channel! I might get my headshots done next.

My web presence has never been better. I was struggling to post on Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, but not anymore! Now my clients interact on all my social networks!

Get your website from Cat's Imaging & Design

Find out how the cat can bring your website to new heights with tools you will actually want to use. SEO, mobile first designs packed with video, animations and real functionality all built custom for your business needs!


Build lasting relationships, and educate your clientele; Future Past & Present! Get your voice heard on the internet wherever people listen to their podcasts. You won’t believe how good you sound regularly without having to buy or learn ANYTHING about sound.

Cat’s Imaging & Design offers true 3-D Virtual tours, video walk through, and photography. Perfect for commercial and residential real estate agents, contractors and interior designers.

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