The accountant is responsible for collections and monitoring day-to-day financials for the business. All purchases run through the accountant prior to purchases

Account Manager

Account management has two focuses. First is sales and account acquisition. The account manager will be fluent in the capabilities of the company with the ability to match the pressure points of clientele to solutions provided by Cat’s Imaging and design.

The second is the upkeep of current customer relations. Acting as a liaison between client and company the account manager will “translate” and ease any communication barriers found in the relationship.


The developer’s job will be to bring designs to life with functionality. The developer will be knowledgeable on the most recent technologies and related coding languages. The primary focus is creating fast and secure code with proper SEO markup.


This position is focused on day-to-day operations, and managing resources. They also act as liaison between different positions, with the goal of keeping the internal working running smooth. Quality assurance is also a primary focus on all products going out. This position has the final say before moving on to proofing with clientele and again before products go live or into production.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is in charge of creating print material to be put into production. Duties include talking with Pride members to bring concepts into reality, via proofing. It is also the responsibility of the designer to vet three vendors for production taking into consideration price, quality and turnaround time.