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DreamHost Email Accounts

The standard email service for Cat’s Imaging & Design is hosted through DreamHost. You should receive an email with basic login instructions when your email is created.


To login in for the first time you need to go to or


Your username will be your first name at your domain, ie The only time this will vary is if your organization has specified a different naming convention.


Initial password for your email is set to be your first name + your domain. It’s important to change this when you first login.

Note: To change your password for the DreamHost Webmail service, you must contact your representative with Cat’s Imaging & Design.


The DreamHost Webmail is a fairly simple service, made to send and receive emails and attachments. It does not have many of the advanced features you might come to expect from mor proprietary services like Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail. That said it is simple to send and receive using most services with the features you are used to by setting up your email client to use this in box. (See DreamHost Email Setup)


As you might expect the Compose button will give you the ability to write and send emails. You have the ability to use Canned or pre written responses, style your message, or attach a file.

File attachments have a maximum allowed file size of 30 MB. However if you upload a file that large most email services won’t allow it to be received. Most email services only allow attachments to be 25 MB or smaller. If you do have large attachments, it’s recommended to use cloud services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple Cloud or an equivalent service.

You also have options to receive a return receipt, delivery status notification, set priority level, or pick where to save your sent message.

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