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Project cover depicting a laptop with the Advanced Affordable Hearing Shopify store, HC Remote app on a cell phone HCRA hearing Aids in their charging base and user manuals.

Advanced Affordable Hearing

Cat's Imaging & Design boosted Advanced Affordable Hearing's digital presence! Managed IT, brand, marketing materials (digital/print ads), & eCommerce (Drupal, Shopify) with front-end dev.


  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Digital Experience Designer
  • User Interface (UI) & Front-End Developer

Project Dates:

May 2022
– March 2024

The Goal:

Big Picture

  • Brand Cohesion: Unify the brand identity across all digital touchpoints (website, email campaigns, social media creatives, online store) to create a seamless and recognizable user experience.
  • Increased Awareness & Sales: By establishing a strong and consistent brand presence online, we aimed to attract new customers, improve brand recognition, and ultimately drive online sales of hearing aids.
This image showcases a cohesive brand experience for HearClear™ HCRA, an advanced hearing aid offered by Advanced Affordable Hearing. On the left, you can see the HearClear™ HCRA product page on their Drupal 7 e-commerce website. On the right, an email introduces the same product, maintaining consistent visual elements and messaging. This demonstrates how Cat's Imaging & Design ensured a unified brand identity across different touchpoints.

The Focus:

Unifying the Brand Experience

Cat’s Imaging & Design implemented a multi-faceted strategy to create a cohesive brand experience across all digital touchpoints:

  • Unified Brand Identity: We established a design system with consistent colors, fonts, and UI components for their website, email campaigns, and social media profiles. This ensured a seamless visual experience for users regardless of the platform they used.
  • Website Revamp: We went beyond a website refresh, revamping their Shopify store and updating Drupal sites. User navigation was prioritized, adhering to the brand guidelines and creating a familiar, user-friendly experience. Structured website data was implemented for both reusability and search engine optimization (SEO), allowing for efficient creation of landing pages and detailed product pages.
  • Engaging Email Marketing: Branded email templates were designed in BeePro, ensuring consistent visual recognition in all email marketing campaigns. Clean layouts and single-topic emails targeted specific audiences based on analytics data. Reusable email components for contact information, social proof, promo codes, and typography sections streamlined the design process.
  • Social Media Storytelling: We developed “feel-good” video ads adhering to brand guidelines, utilizing company-approved stock footage and Canva. Video content showcased youthful elderly interacting with family, accompanied by messaging that aligns with the brand’s value proposition. Tailoring social media creatives for optimal performance on both Criteo and Facebook platforms ensured optimal reach and engagement.

The Outcome:

Unifying the Brand Experience

Our focus on creating a cohesive brand experience across all digital platforms yielded significant results for Advanced Affordable Hearing:

  • Increased Website Traffic: Following the brand refresh implemented by Cat’s Imaging & Design, website visits from Facebook soared by a remarkable 3500%. This surge suggests a heightened interest in Advanced Affordable Hearing’s offerings, likely due to the improved brand presence we established.
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: Facebook reach skyrocketed by an impressive 1500%. This substantial growth indicates a significant boost in brand awareness on the platform, likely driven by the consistent brand messaging and creatives Cat’s Imaging & Design developed.
  • Improved Online Store Performance:
    • Online store sessions surged by 1700%, indicating a dramatic increase in user interest in exploring hearing aid options, potentially due to the engaging website experience we crafted.
    • The online store conversion rate jumped by 249%, highlighting a more effective sales funnel we implemented. This streamlined user journey likely led to a more seamless path to purchase.
    • The average order value increased by 126%, suggesting customers are potentially purchasing higher-end hearing aids or opting for additional accessories, possibly influenced by the compelling brand experience we created.

These significant improvements in Shopify metrics point towards a more effective online sales funnel, likely driven by the improved user experience and consistent brand identity Cat’s Imaging & Design established across all touchpoints.

Note: Due to the lack of data on Instagram performance, we focused on the available Facebook metrics. However, the substantial increase in website traffic and online store performance suggests a positive overall impact on Advanced Affordable Hearing’s online presence.

This image displays a computer screen with analytics data. The data is presented in a bar chart with a blue background and a vertical axis labeled 'Percentage.' The horizontal axis labeled 'Date' displays five data points spread across equal intervals. A blue bar extends from the axis to 97%, representing the 'Reach' on May 1st. The following data points show a decrease in reach: 89% on August 9th, 82% on November 17th, 74% on February 25th, and finally 52% on June 5th. A line graph in orange overlays the bar chart, plotting the same reach data points and connecting them with straight lines.

The Impact:

Impact Beyond Brand Cohesion

While unifying the brand experience across all digital platforms was central to this project, the positive impact extended beyond aesthetics.

  • Reduced User Confusion: By streamlining the online presence through a cohesive approach to the Shopify store, website updates, email campaigns, and social media efforts, we effectively addressed confusion experienced by the elderly demographic. This clarity in messaging and user experience likely contributed to a rise in sales.
  • Improved Knowledge Transfer: The updated documentation and clear brand guidelines I established serve as valuable resources for future hires. This allows them to quickly learn the ropes and pick up where I left off, even with limited technical knowledge. This ensures consistency and reduces onboarding time for new team members.
  • Enhanced SEO Performance: The structured website data I implemented resulted in improved SEO scores, leading to greater discoverability of the company’s hiring opportunities. This likely played a role in attracting new talent.
  • Continued Engagement: The client was so impressed with the overall results that they opted to keep me under contract for ongoing brand management and website maintenance. This ongoing partnership speaks volumes about the value I delivered to Advanced Affordable Hearing.
A collage image showcasing three variations of an advertisement designed for Advanced Affordable Hearing. Each variation features a heartwarming scene of a grandfather and his grandson enjoying time together. The image layouts cater to different platforms: a horizontal format, a vertical format suitable for mobile devices, and a square format ideal for social media. All variations maintain a consistent visual style that aligns with the Advanced Affordable Hearing brand and messaging. Additionally, the collage displays a selection of hearing aids from the HearClear family.

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