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CrystralEyez project cover featuring the logo in white and marbled edges


We partnered with CrystalEyez to create a comprehensive brand experience that would propel their debut album, "Metamorphosis," into the spotlight and establish them as a force in the music scene.


Visual Branding & Marketing

UX/UI Design & Development

Project Dates:

September 2019
– September 2022

The Goal:

CrystalEyez: Launching a Debut Album with Design Power

Launching a Successful Band: We partnered with CrystalEyes, a talented local band from Colorado Springs, to create a comprehensive brand experience that would propel their debut album, “Metamorphosis,” into the spotlight and establish them as a force in the music scene. Our visual branding and marketing efforts aimed to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness: Generate excitement and recognition for CrystalEyez through a cohesive brand identity.
  • Cultivate a Dedicated Fanbase: Foster a strong community around CrystalEyez by creating visually engaging content across all platforms.
  • Generate Revenue Through Sales: Design a user-friendly e-commerce website to facilitate seamless merchandise sales and potentially increase revenue from album sales.
  • Drive Album Launch Success: Develop a strategic design approach for the “Metamorphosis” album launch to generate buzz and promote the music.
This image displays two logos side by side. The logo on the left is for the band CrystalEyez. It features the band name "CRYSTALEYEZ" written horizontally above a series of colorful rainbow triangles arranged in a growing pattern. The logo on the right is for the CrystalEyez album "Metamorphosis." It features the album title "Metamorphosis" written vertically on top. Below the title is a white butterfly with intricate wing patterns that resemble eyes. The CrystalEyez wordmark is positioned beneath the butterfly.

The Focus:

From Brand Identity to Album Launch: Powering CrystalEyez's Success

Launching “Metamorphosis” with Design Impact

The debut album, “Metamorphosis,” marked a significant milestone for CrystalEyez. Our design efforts focused on creating a cohesive brand experience that would:

  • Generate Pre-Launch Buzz: Fuel anticipation for the album release through strategic visual elements (social media campaign ads, etc.).
  • Amplify Album Impact: Elevate the visual presentation of “Metamorphosis” with eye-catching album artwork.
  • Support Merch Sales: Design visually appealing merchandise (hoodies, t-shirts, etc.) to generate revenue and promote the band.

Creating a Unified Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is essential for any band seeking to establish a lasting presence. Throughout our collaboration with CrystalEyez (2020-2022), we focused on:

  • Developing a Recognizable Logo: Creating a logo that would become synonymous with the CrystalEyez brand.
  • Crafting a Consistent Visual Style: Establishing a unified design aesthetic across all platforms (website, social media, merchandise) to ensure brand recognition.
  • Building a User-Friendly Website: Designing a website that functioned as the central hub for the CrystalEyez community, fostering engagement and reflecting the overall brand identity.

The Outcome:

CrystalEyez: Results of a Cohesive Design Strategy

The cohesive brand identity and strategic design approach successfully generated excitement for the debut album, “Metamorphosis.”

Financial Success

The project contributed to CrystalEyez’s financial growth. Here’s how:

  • Recovered Album Production Costs: Revenue generated through merchandise sales and potentially other channels (mention specific channels if known) helped cover the estimated $8,000 cost of producing “Metamorphosis.”
  • Funded Equipment Purchases: Merchandise sales (or other revenue streams) enabled CrystalEyez to invest in thousands of dollars of new musical equipment.
  • Recovered Merchandise Investment: The user-friendly e-commerce platform facilitated efficient sales, ensuring a successful return on investment for the merchandise purchased for the album launch event.

The Impact:

CrystalEyez: Amplifying Success Through Design

Our design efforts played a significant role in propelling CrystalEyez’s musical journey. Here’s how:

  • Established a Cohesive Brand Identity: A strong and recognizable brand identity is crucial for any band to stand out. We helped CrystalEyez develop a unique visual style that resonated with their target audience and created a lasting impression.
  • Powered a Successful Album Launch: The strategic design approach for “Metamorphosis” (album artwork, social media campaign, etc.) played a key role in generating excitement and promoting the music effectively.
  • Empowered Financial Growth: By creating a user-friendly e-commerce website and facilitating merchandise sales, we helped CrystalEyez generate revenue that contributed to covering album production costs and purchasing new equipment. This financial independence allows them to focus on creating music and pursuing their artistic vision.
  • Built a Strong Foundation for the Future: The established brand identity and functional e-commerce platform serve as valuable assets for CrystalEyez’s future endeavors. This solid foundation will allow them to continue promoting their music, engaging with fans, and generating revenue as they move forward.

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